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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am The Woman

There is still a meme roaming the WWW called "I am the girl" that talks in increasingly sappy ways about what kind of girl this writer will be for her b/f. It is juvenile, unrealistic and says such things as " I'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you... or... "I am the girl who will love it when you don't let go of me when I'm mad at you, even when I say let me go". Well, this is MY version of that meme. And I'm not that girl... this is written by a woman. ME.
There is a post that has become a virus of sorts running rampant here. I won't touch on all of her sections plus will probably add my own...

I am the woman who will make you feel every inch The Man in our relationship in private, but will not hang on you in an embarrassingly teenagerish way in public.

I am the woman who will not say "you owe me" anything because there will rarely be a time we are not on equal footing though I know there will be times you are in control of our relationship and other times I will be. We both have our weaknesses and strengths and that will dictate who is doing what at any given time.

I am the woman who has high standards but when in love will happily hold YOU all night long if you feel the need. I know when I need it, you'll do the same. BY the same token, I don't EXPECT to be held close every night. Sometimes we will be too tired... or will simply not want to be touched and want our own space. That's cool too. It changes nothing about my feelings.

I'm the woman who will dress to please us both in the bedroom and am more than willing to wear what you like sometimes to please you and arouse you in public but I am also my own woman with my own rather funky style.

I'm the woman who sometimes does give up hope but then is blessed to be brought back to reality by you...just as I'll do for YOU when you're down.

I am the woman who you can talk to about what you feel comfortable with. I will do my best to respect your privacy and will not press you to tell me details just so that I feel you trust me. If I fail at that, I will apologize.

I'm the woman who will fight with you if I disagree and not tell you you're right just to make you feel better. I'm also the woman who will never play coy or with-hold affection after an argument just to get even.

I'm also the woman who will come up to you with an apology and a kiss when I am wrong...if you'll accept it. If you're not ready for that, i'm NOT the woman who will pout over that.

I'm the woman who will listen when you talk but who also expects to be heard.

I'm the woman who still has enough of the giddy girl to love it when you brush the hair away from my face and kiss me gently.

I'm the woman who also has enough of that girl to enjoy being called your baby or some pet name... but please... not in public?

I'm the woman who will enjoy pampering you and taking care of you and not expect that doing that means you have to do it back. I do it because it gives me pleasure to please you.

I am the woman who will give 150% of myself to you sexually and enjoy every moment, but who is not here to belittle myself for your fantasy pleasure.

I'm the woman who honestly doesn't expect Diamonds. Think of me when you go to the bookstore or rub my back for no reason and you've just given me a gigantic gift. I'm not hard to please.

Im the woman you'll find extremely hard to please in other ways. I expect your loyalty, your love, your heart, your wit, your body and your values. In other words... I expect you to give me exactly what I'll give you, nothing more. But I promise... I'll never expect your soul. That's yours and only yours.

I'm the woman who is old fashioned enough to think you are the man and I am the woman but doesn't think that means you are better or I am your servant. It means there are parts of me, inside and out, that complement parts of you. I am your equal and you are mine.

I am the woman who will stand by your side no matter how tough things are.

I am the woman who expects you to defend my honor if I have been unjustly wronged... but guess what? I'll be right there to defend yours also.

I am the woman who will be there to help you reach your dreams. I will cajole, yell, sooth..whatever it takes to see you be what YOU want to be. By the same token, I will never expect you to be more than you are capable of being.

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