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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas poem :-D

My Silly Christmas Poem
If I could have one gift for Christmas
It would be for peace of mind
They're out of stock at Wal Mart
So that makes it hard to find

I cant afford the bigger stores
They'd probably have a good supply
But if I have to use my Visa
Not sure I want to try

I looked it up on Ebay
Thought I'd find it there
But I guess no one is selling it
Cause they don't want to share

I tried to knit some in my spare time
But I made a tangled knot
It came out looking more like
Some road kill that was shot
So it looks like this is not my day
To wish on a Christmas star
So I guess I'll have to settle
For a stale Hershey bar

yes this is SUPPOSED to be silly and stupid :-P