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Monday, January 25, 2010


Why is it then when you disagree with a friends thoughts, that another (usually non-mutual) friend has to jump in and say something like "Well; you can always "unfriend" so and so if you don't like what they said!"?? Has real friendship grown so rare and so damn shallow that all it takes is a disagreement to end the supposed friendship? Have we become so technologically "advanced" that we are willing to dispose of people and relationships by pressing a button and then never think to look back; never wonder if we were wrong; never think we should have seen past the disagreements to what made us friends in the first place??

This is the same society that considers ones first marriage a "starter marriage" as if it is just a way to teach oneself about marriage; a stepping stone to "the real thing". What have we become as a people?

I have lost somewhere in the vicinity of ten to fifteen "friends" online. Why? Because I am a die hard Christian and because I can't stand our current president were the main reasons. Well, also because I didn't like the mother of a couple of them and how she lies and treats her kids but that's another story. But as for the other reasons, I had the nerve to stand up for my opinions on morality, on Obama and on God. THAT lost me friendships. God forbid that those people remember when they used to say how much they liked my humor and my style of writing and or/ even my personality.

It's too easy today to say goodbye. All it takes is the click of a mouse and you can forget you ever knew a person. It could be a person with whom you shared secrets and laughs, bonding over tears and memories. But that doesn't matter if they don't like what you say. You're just a click away from non-existence. Don't answer emails; delete delete delete. Simple huh? Shazam!! You never knew a person and owe them not even the smallest courtesy of a reason why. Am I the ONLY one who finds this horribly terribly sad?

I refuse to watch my words. Of course, I will employ politeness and tact but I won't say "oh yeah, I agree with you" if I don't. Even if it means losing your friendship. Because as simplistic, cliched and trite as it may sound, if all it takes for me to lose you is to say that you're wrong, there was never really a friendship in the first place was there??